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PostSubject: COMBAT ARMS (new)   Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:21 am

VIP Feature list
With Descriptions.
GIXX Combat Arms NA


This list was last updated on November 17, 2014
.:Save/Load Configuration:.
- Save - Saves the menu's configuration.
- Load - Loads the menu's configuration.
- Reset - Turns off all hacks by restoring the menu to its default configuration.
.:Texture Modification:.
- Player Chams (Wallhack, Color) - Changes the color scheme of players
- Color 1 - Shows this color when you cannot directly see them.
- Color 2 - Shows this color when you can directly see them
- Player xFrame (Point, Wire) - Shows the skeleton image of players.
- No Fog - Removes the fog from the map
- Fullbright - Makes everything brighter
- Glass Walls - Makes the walls semi-transparent
- Crosshair (multicolored) - Puts a crosshair in the middle of your screen.
.:ESP Options:.
- ESP Name - Draws enemy names on enemies
- ESP Health (Number, Bar, Both) - Draws the current health of enemies.
- ESP Armor (Number, Bar, Both) - Draws the current armor of enemies.
- ESP Distance - Draws the distance an enemy is from your position.
- ESP Boxes - Draws a box around all enemies. (Blue=Not Visible/Red=Visible)
- ESP Lines - Draws a line from your position to enemy positions.
- ESP Weapons - Draws [Weapon] on all weapons that are on the ground
- ESP Grenades - Draws [!!] on explosives such as grenades and landmines
.:Aimbot Options:.
- Aimbot - A configurable aim bot with many options.
- Aim Near (Player, Crosshair) - Choose the way to aim at enemies.
- Aim At (Enemy, All, Selected Player) - Choose who to aim at.
- Bone Target (Head, Neck, Chest, Nuts, Random) - Choose where to aim on the body.
- Aim Key (Multiple Choices) - Choose the hot-key that you want to activate aiming with.
- Auto Aim - Automatically aims the aimbot for you.
- Auto Shoot - Automatically shoots for you.
- Aim Angles (360, 5, 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150) - Choose the FOV aim angle.
- Smooth Aim (Off, x2-x10) Control the snap speed of the aimbot.
- Spawnshield check Disables aiming at enemies whom have an active spawn shield.
- Disable Visibility Check - Allows you to aim at enemies behind objects.
.:Ghost Aim:.
- Ghost Aim - A configurable aim assist bot with many options.
- Aim Style (Player, Crosshair) - Choose the way the aim assist selects players.
- Aim Bone (Head, Neck, Chest, Nuts) - Choose the bone target that ghost aim will target.
- Aim Angles (360, 5, 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150) - Choose the FOV aim angle.
- Hit Every (Bullet - 10 Bullets) - Choose how often the aim assist controls your bullet
- Disable Visibility Check - Ghost Aim hit enemies even if they are behind objects.
.:Player Options:.
- Telekill - Teleports you to an enemies position - when it dies, you will switch to a new enemies.
- Player Gravity (-800, -600, -400, -200, 0, 200) - Toggles the impact gravity has on your player.
- Super Jump (400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900) - Allows you to jump higher.
- Player Speed (x1.2, x1.5, x2, x3, x4, x5) - Increases you player's speed.
- Fly Hack - Allows you to fly where you are aiming.
- Instant Respawn - Instantly respawn after death.
- Unlimited Respawn - Respawn an unlimited ammount of times.
- Ghost Mode - This makes your movements invisible to others, your body will stay in one spot.
.:Weapon Options:.
- No Spread - Removes the bullet spread from your gun shots.
- No Recoil - Removes the recoil from your gunfire.
- No Gun Sway - Removes the sway from gunsights and scopes.
- Unlimited Ammo (Full, Stealth) - Gives you unlimited ammo (Full= No Reload, Stealth = Reloads)
- Remote Kill - Allows you bullets to instantly hit your enemies head regardless of where you aim/shoot
- Rapid Fire (Full, High, Med, Low) - Toggles the speed of your weapon's rate of fire, with multiple settings.
- Weapon Range - Increases the range your weapon has.
- Shoot Through Walls - Allows you to shoot through walls/objects.
- Weapon Magnet - Teleports every available weapon to your position on the ground for taking.
- Bullet Path - Displays the bullet traits of every shot fire in your current match.
- Far Activation - Allows you to open doors and pick up weapons from an infinite distance.
.:Character Hack:.
- Character Hack - Allows you to become any character or obtain miscellaneous gear.
- Character Select - Choose your character/gear.
.:Voice Spam:.
- Select Category - Select the category of the voice command you wish to spam.
- Select Message - Select the message within this category that you wish to spam.
- Send Message - This will spam the voice message you have selected.
- Show/Hide Menu Key (Insert/Home, Insert, Home, Delete) - Changes the hotkey that shows the menu.
- Panic Key (Exit Game) - This will allow you to exit the game at the press of a hotkey.
- Spam In-Game - Spams in-game.
- Spam Lobby - Spams in the lobby.
- Menu Sounds - Choose if the menu will make sounds as you scroll or turn things on/off.
- Clickable Menu - Choose if you are able to interact with your mouse.
- Feature Description - Choose if you see feature descriptions on the bottom of the screen
- Move Menu - Allows you to move the menu with your mouse.
- Show FPS (Basic, Advanced) - Shows your Frames Per Second or "FrameRate" in real time.
- Show Clock - Displays the current time in Hours, Minutes, and seconds (based on your computer's time

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