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 Application form Moderator (read before applying)

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PostSubject: Application form Moderator (read before applying)   Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:55 am

Below you see a small form you should fill out and post in this section in case you want to become moderator here on elitepvpers.

First of all, the title of the application thread should look like this:

post below which forum you applying for

The following information should be included, so that we can judge you properly:

  • Contact data (ICQ/MSN/...)
  • Age:
  • What is the reason for your application?
  • Experience with the subject: (What experience do you have with MMOs and the game or the subject in particular? How long have you been dealing with the subject?):
  • Are you mentally prepared and fitting for such a position? (How do you see yourself? Can you handle questions which seem to be stupid? How about your knowledge of people in general?)
  • Experience as a moderator (If existing: How long have you been moderator and what was the subject?):

The sentences in the brickets do not have to be included in the application, you just have to state the required information. You can also deny this form and write an ad-lib application (a text of your own), we still need the information above though. Try not to write too detailed or too short.


  • You cannot apply for the position of a global moderator or administrator unless you have been a moderator here!
  • You have to be registered here for at least 3 months before you can apply!
  • Your latest infraction or warning (if existing) must be expired for at least 1 month before you can apply!
  • In order to judge you properly you must have at least 300 posts before you can apply!
  • Before you apply, make sure that you can afford spending enough time for the job on here in the near future!
  • As a moderator here you are not allowed to be a staff member of boards similar to ours!
  • As a moderator here you are not allowed to be a staff member of private server projects
  • We only add moderators if the specific forum needs new ones, it's always a good idea to drop you application here, but always remember that it could take some time until you get a reply from us.

Thank you.
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Application form Moderator (read before applying)
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