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 Application form editorial Staff (read before applying)

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PostSubject: Application form editorial Staff (read before applying)   Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:01 am

As the considerate member most likely has already noticed, we are in need of new talents. Therefore the communities' administration wants to provide some infromation about the job and the application of course:

The Translator:

This position is not relevant for non-germans for now, since we only need English-German/German-English tranlators.

The Editor:

The job of the editor is to write articles concerning current games. So being up-to-date with the scene high language skill are conditions.

Most important is your language and references.

  • Basic information (age, contact data) + a few sentences concerning you personnally
  • Motive; why you want to work with us
  • Experience you have in journalism (if at hand)
  • References; here you can provide links to newsarticles you posted so far (User Submitted News) and we also offer our blog-function
  • Every other reason for which we should choose you

You can decide how you arrange the application.

The podcaster:

Podcasts are becoming quite popular these days so we decided that we should create some too. I'm sure you know what a podcast is, otherwise use google. As an e*PvP podcaster you can work quite freely but the topic should always be connected to MMOs. You can podcast about news or just create a review/preview or a field report etc.

Here the most important aspect is the references, your previous work. A brief application is sufficient.

  • Basic information (Age, ICQ/MSN or the likes) + a few sentences concerning you personnally
  • Motive; why you want to work with us
  • References; your previous work
  • Every other reason for which we should appoint you

The Event-Planner:

Since the number of members her eon elitepvpers continuously increases and those members also would like to get entertained, we have initiated the Event-Planners.
Here, you do only work with the team. We plan and structure the schedule for events and take also care of its implementing (creating announcements, acquiring prizes, etc.)

The application form:
We focus on your knowledge of our community and whether you already possess skills in the planning of events.
The application shall be more detailed regarding this aspect.

  • What kind of past experience do you have in planning and creating events?
  • You should be active for more than one year on elitepvpers
  • You have to be reliable and trustworthy
  • You should be highly creative and carry with you a wide range of ideas
  • What is your motivation?
  • Specialized knowledge which enriches our team is advantageous (coding, GFX, writing)

Regarding the design of your application, your creativity is given full scope.

Please note: Before you apply make sure you'll have enough time to work here so that we can rely on you.
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Application form editorial Staff (read before applying)
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